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My Super duper Application!

favorite bands:Coheed and cambria, bright eyes, emery, halfwayhome, bob marley and the wailers, hawthorne heights, silverstein, Reel big fish, underoath, matt pond, herspaceholdiday, deathcab for cutie,the postal service, the rocket summer, say anything, showbread, hey mercedes, Northstar, planes mistaken for stars, the early november, Straylight run..I could go on!
hated bands:I dont really hate any bands i choose not to listen to there "style" of music.
top 5 albums:A second stage turbine blade, in keeping secrets of silent earth 3, Fevers and mirrors, When broken is easyily fixed, Legend
Make a soundtrack to your life (less than 30 songs please)The soundtrack of dawsons creek or the oc(constantly filled with drama)
bio(anything interesting you feel we should know)I love hugs and cuddling and extroversion. Im very political and an open liberal. I dont like george bush. I fit into the emo scene not really on purpose. I love you and i cant imagine my life without music. I love learning and i enjoy talking to people.
instruments:Well i do OWN a guitar...
favorite movies:Garden state, napoleon dynamite, team america world police, alfie, donnie darko and bubble boy o and faranheight 9/11
types of music you listen to:Ska, emo, screamo, indie, post hardcore, techno, electronica...www.allmucic.com
Do you like metallica? Validate. No..i do appreciate how they paved the way for music today though..thanks metallica
personal influences: A lot of my close friends influence me. Jesus is a personal influence, seeing as he did rock and all.
Random Thought Provokers: What came first the chicken or the egg?<---boy is that messed up
What makes you laugh?: Witty comments
If you had an endless supply of money, describe your lifestyle: As the man in office space peter said i would do nothing...i would have lots of stuff and than probably start my own political party to help out the lower man.
Who is your hero?:Conan obrian
Whats your best characteristic?:Im witty
Whats your weak point?:I lack confidence
Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?:Conor oberst or claudio Sanchez?
How many pairs of underwear do you own?:I have no idea but well say, 12..
Seriously... Where does the other sock end up?:Considering i wear 2 socks everyday..on my foot
Who do you blame for your mood today?:Everybody who has been nice to me and made me laugh..im having a really good day today
Have you ever seen a dead body?: Yea, 2 of my friends my junior and sophmore years both died in car accidents..RIP kristina and josh
Is a blowjob cheating?:Yes..ive been cheated on worst experience ever
Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?: occasionaly i hit a bowl. I have never smoked a ciggarette and i dont drink at all
What should we do with stupid people?: Educate them and figure out why they have there close minded beliefs
What happens after you die?: I dont know..i really want to know though
How big is your bed? Big enough?:Its actually a twin sized bed it sucks. No i would like a bigger bed
How long do you think you will live?:Till im 97..why i have no idea seems right though
Do you respect your parents?: Yes and no..they are really really CHRISTIAN..there intenionts are good there a little close minded i love them though.

*make up a short story to amuse me. make it good.
Once upon a time there was a boy and this boys name was rosco. Now rosco lived in the louisiana bayou. One day he decided he was going to start a rap group with his fellow "homies". They began rapping for the cajuns and became famous around those parts. One day they were writing lyrics to a new rap about alligators and gumbo when the kkk showed up and told them they have to stop what there doing because its black culture. Rosco said go to hell were going to do what we want. So oddly enough the kkk left. The next day rosco was rapping up some real good lyrics when the NRA came and said the same thing the kkk had. This inspired rosco to rap agaisnt racism thus creating a utopian society with love instead of hate. The end!

Thank you for reading this app and remember i love you <3 *HUG*
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